Florida Woman Arrested for Administering Botox Injections Without a License

A Florida woman has been arrested for “playing doctor” – Alejandra Tobon, 43, was performing botox injections, among other medical procedures, without a license in her garage.


Olympic Champion Mark Pavelich to Auction off His Gold Medal

It has become widely known that selling your gold is a great way to earn extra cash for possessions that would otherwise take up space and collect dust. But would you sell an Olympic gold medal

2008 USA Olympic Track and Field Trials Eugene, Oregon    June 2

U.S. Sporting World Jolted Again as Track Stars Threaten to Strike

Discontent has been building for a while now over how the USA Track and Field applies rules and runs meets. As a result, U.S. track stars are considering going on strike against the sport’s


Cities Slated To Save Tens of Thousands With New LED Street Lights

Cities all over the globe are swapping out street lights with incandescent bulbs for energy- and cost-efficient LED alternatives. The transition — while costly at first — may easily


Mixing Business With Pleasure: What Happens When Co-Owners Divorce?

New U.S. Census data shows mixing business with pleasure is not as uncommon as you might think. Married couples co-own at least 3.7 million small businesses in the U.S., which raises an obvious


New Studies Shed Light on the Biological Factors Causing Hair Loss

Two new studies out of New York and London have found genetic factors that lead to hair loss. According to new research from the Departments of Dermatology and Genetics and Development at the


Amount of Men Worrying About Body Image Catching Up to Women’s

According to new research from Benenden Health, almost as many men as women now stress over their body image. The study examined the body confidence of 2,000 men and women, showing that


National Trend Toward Banning Clothing Donation Bins Grows with Consideration in NJ

When it comes to our outfits, we’ve all had our respective breaking points. You take one look at the variegated clothing selection in your closet and immediately want to throw everything


Eyefi Brings Cloud Solution to Photography

Eyefi Cloud has just been unveiled to the public by Eyefi, the international leader in digital camera connectivity. Eyefi Cloud is a private, cloud service dedicated to photos that will allow


Food Texture May Influence Your Perception of Healthiness, Study Finds

If you had to guess, which food has more calories in it: a plate of crisp, crunchy celery pieces or a batch of soggy french fries? Obviously, the fries are loaded with fat and deep-fried in oil,


Google Creates Algorithm That Can Solve CAPTCHAs Better Than the Average Human

Google has figured out how to solve its own CAPTCHAs. In a paper published earlier this week, Google researchers revealed that they have created an algorithm that can solve CAPTCHAs with a 99.8%

We're King and Queen Of The World

Responsible Boating Paramount for Staying Safe on the Water

Last year, a U.S. Coast Guard station on Lake Erie made more drunken boating arrests than any other agency in the nation. Officers at the Marblehead, Ohio station charged a staggering 67 people

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Potential air pockets on stricken ferry offer hope for survivors

Despite massive rescue operation, hundreds of ferry passengers – most of whom high school students – are still missing....

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