Elisha Barno of Kenya Wins 26.2 with DONNA Marathon, Sets Event Record

Kenyan marathon runner Elisha Barno took home the gold, and set a new record, at the 8th Annual 26.2 with DONNA Marathon in Jacksonville, Florida. The Florida Times-Union reports that the

Industrial Air Conditioning Repair

As Outside Temperatures Drop, HVAC Scams on the Rise

With temperatures hovering around zero degrees Fahrenheit on thermometers across much of the country, many homeowners are looking for the fastest fix possible when their furnaces break down.

William Jelani Cobb on Feb. 13, 2013. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Lack of Diversity in Faculty Hiring

A recent study found that most of the faculty hired for tenure-track positions in three separate fields received their PhD from one of eighteen different universities. Half of all computer


NYC Politicians Hope to Change Wet Wipe Advertising

A bill that could change New York City will be introduced this week, which could have consequences for every tax payer in the city — and their toilets. Councilmen Donovan Richards


New Dr. Seuss Book Will Be Released in July

Book lovers, kids, and whimsy enthusiasts are rejoicing this week after the release of a new Dr. Seuss book was announced. A new book, titled “What Pet Should I Get?”, will be


Majority of Companies Still Not Adequately Prepared for Cyber Attacks, Two Surveys Say

Despite the massive breaches of security incurred by corporations such as Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures, and JPMorgan in the past year, two recent surveys show that many companies are still


Outpatients Left With Heaps of Dangerous Medical Waste

Heaps upon heaps of garbage bags filled with soiled bandages, used needles, and more are piling up in the homes of the United Kingdom’s outpatients after the National Health Services (NHS)


Hurricane Sandy Victims’ Damage Reports Allegedly Altered in Insurance Claims

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy more than two years ago, thousands of homeowners throughout New York and New Jersey sought out insurance claims as a means of financial restitution for the


Professional Quality Lenses Now Available for the iPhone’s Camera

The new ExoLens kit for the iPhone 6 has just taken iphonegraphy to the next level. For just $129.95, iPhone users can get a pair of professional lenses — a three-time telephoto lens and a


Sweepstakes Are Life Changing Opportunities So Long as They’re Legitimate

Winning a legitimate sweepstakes can be a truly life-changing experience. Just look at what happened to Army Sgt. Kakala Loketi, who won the Army and Air Force Exchange Service’s

Lady Gaga’s Favorite Part of the Engagement Ring Wasn’t the Huge Diamond

After some speculation from the press, singer Lady Gaga has revealed her engagement to actor Taylor Kinney, her boyfriend since 2011. Kinney, 33, popped the question on Valentine’s Day, and


Nissan’s Latest Model Can Glow in the Dark. Literally.

Nissan’s latest innovation gives new meaning to the term “moonlighting.” Tech Times reports that Nissan’s European breach has just unveiled a glow-in-the-dark car, the

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  • William Jelani Cobb on Feb. 13, 2013. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)
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