Many Male Politicians Are Getting Botox Treatments Before Appearing on TV

Botox is a treatment used to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and is popular among older women. However, a Washington D.C. doctor recently reported to that her big money


West Michigan to Get $8.2 Million Organic Egg Farm

Construction has begun on an organic egg farm with a 480,000-hen capacity in Michigan’s Allegan County. According to the Detroit Free Press, the $8.2 million farm facility, located in


Wikipedia’s Traffic Is Decreasing By Millions of Visits Per Month — Because of Google

No one wants to think of Google as a business that does sketchy things to other businesses through its search engine optimization algorithms, but according to a recent statement from Jimmy Wales,


New Study Shows Hospitals Aren’t As Clean As They Should Be

A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine investigated the cleanliness of hospitals by observing the cleaning methods used in those facilities. Researchers from the University


Maryland Lottery Breaks the Bank With $1 Billion in Sales Revenue

The Maryland Lottery has seen an impressive growth in its lottery and casino sales revenue throughout 2015 — in fact, the state brought in a combined $1 billion for the 2015 fiscal year


Florida Mom Disturbed by Daughter’s Summer Reading List

In the Wall Street Journal, writer Lee Siegel laments the passing of a once-cherished American tradition, the summer reading list. While past generations once spent at least part of their summer


Ireland Poised to Receive Fastest Internet Connection Ever with New Fiber-Optic Cable

Irish citizens are rejoicing after news has been confirmed of a 3,335 mile-long fiber-optic cable that will give the country its first direct fiber connection to the U.S. According to Irish


New Study Discovers How the Metabolism Can Contribute to Obesity

Those who have trouble keeping weight off may have genetics to blame, according to a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. In 2007, researchers


Canadian Pharmacy Website Charged With Selling $78M of Counterfeit Drugs to American Doctors

Counterfeit prescription drugs are far more common than most consumers realize. Despite the dangers posed by online pharmacies and drug stores, it’s even more surprising that businesses,


Tax Scams Take Over $20 Million

Tax season may have ended a few months ago, but that’s not stopping con artists. The Internal Revenue Service has warned taxpayers and tax preparation firms against new scams as losses


‘Gray Divorces’ are Trending as Baby Boomers Reach Financial Security

We all understand the storm of emotions within the context of “Fifty Shades of Gray,” but what about a gray divorce? More and more this is a term that lawyers and divorce courts alike


Non-Aspirin Painkillers Increase Risk For Heart Disease And Stroke

A recent report from the New York Times suggests that non-aspirin painkillers could be dangerous to your health. Last week, the FDA released a warning that certain painkillers, including Aleve,

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