Disabled Man in Michigan Deals With 7 Years of Abuse in By His Sister

Michigan residents Patsy Marshall and her husband, Andrew Green, are being charged with abuse after police found Marshall’s disabled brother in a filthy bedroom. According to ABC 12 News,


Multiple Citations Filed Against South Florida Roofing Company After Death of Worker

A new roof can yield a return of 75%, but at what cost? In the case of a South Florida roofing company, a new roof may cost a life. The U.S. Department of Labor is going after Latite Roofing and


Failure to Pass Budget Leaves Jackpot Winners Waiting

Winning the lottery is typically a time of celebration and exaltation, but that’s not the case for recent jackpot winners in the state of Illinois. Danny Chasteen, a 56-year-old


New Zealand Man Builds Small Sheds for Survivors of Nepalese Earthquake

Steve Trevella is a man from Christchurch, New Zealand. He used to own a business making kit-set play houses and sheds for families in his homeland, but after an earthquake struck the town of


French Woman Wins Disability for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

A woman has won disability payments in a French court after claiming that cell phones and Wi-Fi routers were making her sick. Marine Richard has been awarded 800 Euros per month for the next


Tire Slashing Spree Leaves Albany Residents Angry and Confused

Several neighbors on the south end of Albany, NY woke up to a disturbing scene on the morning of Aug. 31. According to local news affiliate WNYT, dozens of vehicles in a one-way cul-de-sac called


California’s Water Conservation Efforts Are Actually Hurting the State

Will California ever see an end to its drought? For the fourth year straight, the state has experienced the worst water shortages of the entire West Coast and has taken drastic conservation


California’s Roofers Are Overbooked Due to El Niño Predictions for Winter

Even though El Niño isn’t expected to hit until winter, experts are saying that it’s not too early to begin thinking about protecting a home or property from the storm. Throughout


Cocaine Shed Operation Get UK Man 3 Years in Prison

Gary Passmore is one of the 21 million people who own an outdoor shed in the United Kingdom. The only difference is that he wasn’t storing just tools in his garden shed. According to Exeter


The Divorces From the Ashley Madison Leak Are Already Rolling In

Just days after hackers exposed the names, emails, home addresses, sexual preferences, and credit card numbers of some 32 million people using extramarital affair service Ashley Madison, the


Louisville Residents Facing Mold Problem After Summer of Flooding

The Bluegrass State may want to change its moniker to “The Greenmold State” after abnormal amounts of summer rain flooded the city, leaving many residents with a serious mold problem.


Minnesota Town Shaken After Unsafe Arsenic Levels Found in Well Water

It’s hard enough to get people to drink water instead of soda or juice in this day and age. For one Minnesota community, drinking water is not only an afterthought, but a potential health

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