The Parvovirus is on a Rampage in Lowell

Keep your dog on a tight leash for the next few weeks because residents in Lowell are currently witnessing one of the largest deadly dog disease outbreaks the city has seen. The parvovirus is


New Dental Technology Gives Older Patients More Treatment Options

Think that kids are the only ones who can have braces? Think again! Many adults are discovering that there may be a simple solution for their dental problems, no matter what their age may be, and


Does Chewing Gum Impact and Improve Our Productivity?

Could gum improve our productivity during school or work? This has often been the question at hand as various institutions try to uncover ways to boost productivity. Schools throughout the


NYC’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are a hot-button issue this summer as more and more public transportation systems and hotels are reporting incidences. Now the tiny insects are invading one of the world’s most


Our Beloved Snapchat to Have Advertisements

“Oh look, I got a Snapchat! Cool, advertisements!” Said no one, ever. International social media app phenomenon Snapchat Inc. is about to change things up a bit — and moreso


New Viral Video Shows What NOT To Do With a Forklift

It’s unlikely that OSHA would approve of one of the latest viral videos to make its way across the internet. The video, posted onJuly 2 to Facebook, has gotten hundreds of re-shares across


Miami Radio Host Fires Potshot at LeBron James in His Hometown

“You’re Welcome, LeBron,” it says at the top. Besides two enormous NBA World Championship rings, it continues, “Love, Miami.” Though paid for by a Miami sports


Google AdWords Introduces Website Call Conversions to Track Which Ads are Generating Phone Calls

Google AdWords has launched a tool to track calls made from a business’s website, after the caller has found that website based on clicking on a Google AdWords ad. Google calls this new


Soda and Juice and Sports Drinks, Oh My! How Acidic Drinks Are Eroding Your Teeth

We are taught from a young age that sugary snacks and drinks can damage our teeth, causing cavities and other dental disasters. In an attempt to avoid the damaging effects of sugar, but still


Hilton Hotels Allow Guests to Use Smartphones to Unlock Their Rooms, But Is It Such a Good Idea?

Next year, Hilton Worldwide will begin retrofitting some of their U.S. hotels with new, Internet of Things door locks, which will allow guests to lock and unlock their rooms with their


Barn Wedding Venues Face Pushback from Rural Neighbors

Barn weddings may be a blast for young couples who want a picturesque rural wedding, but they might not be as much fun for locals who just want some peace and quiet. Old wooden dairy barns are


New Photo Series Visualizes Time by Showing Subjects Melting Into Background

Artists have visualized the passing of time in a number of ways — long exposure shots, and symbolic totems amongst several other strategies — but one artist has found a new way: with

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