New Standardized Code Set to Be Implemented in October Despite Frequent Delays

After four years of delays, the American Hospital Association (AHA) and America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) insist on keeping their timeline intact for the implementation of the new


West Virginia Scaling Back Storage Tank Regulations Passed After 2014 Spill

A year after a toxic chemical spill in West Virginia polluted the drinking water of more than 300,000 people, state lawmakers are pulling back safeguard measures they had put in place quickly


New Solution Could Provide Affordable, Safe Drinking Water to Rural Areas

Safe, clean drinking water is something that’s paramount for healthy living, and yet one out of every nine people in the world lacks access to it. There are approximately 884 million people


Hundreds of Used Adult Diapers Littered Alongside Rural LaPorte County Roads

Seated between the quaintness of America’s heartland and the charm of the Bible Belt, the state of Indiana is often referred to as the crossroads of America. Unfortunately, one of the


Silver Sees a Buyers Market for 2015

Silver prices across the globe are dropping, thanks in part to decreasing demand in China and other countries. Chinese demand for silver bullion fell 52% between 2013 and 2014, and total global


Pennsylvania Drinking Water Found to Contain Trace Amounts of Fracking Chemicals

A newly released study has found trace amounts of the toxic fluids released during fracking, a controversial oil and gas drilling technique, in one rural Pennsylvania county’s drinking


U.S. Housing Market Makes Significant Gains in March

March was a good month for U.S. home sales, according to figures released April 22 by the National Association of Realtors. “We may be seeing the beginning of things getting close to what we


Key DUI Legislation in Colorado Heads to the Senate Floor

A long-denied bill in Colorado has one less hurdle to overcome before finally getting passed. The bill, which will make the consequences for repeated DUI offenses much more serious, was passed in


Jay Z Announces Special B-Sides and Rarities Concert for New York City

On Wednesday, April 29, Jay Z announced a truly one-of-a-kind New York concert in which he will perform songs that haven’t appeared on his setlists in more than a decade — along with


Workers Memorial Day Honors Those Who Lose Their Lives on the Job

On Tuesday, April 28, millions of Americans solemnly remembered their friends, family, neighbors and colleagues who have lost their lives to workplace injury and illness as part of Workers


Beach Battle Rages Over Waterfront Seating

In Fort Myers, beach chair vendors and beachgoers are battling for the sand as the beach becomes more crowded. Tourists and local residents who bring their own chairs to the beach are being told


Under the Sea: Squids Inspire Creation of Dynamic, Color-Changing Camouflage

Many of the latest and greatest developments in camouflage clothing and technology were inspired by a peculiar, 60-million-year-old creature: the squid. A lab at UC Irvine is taking biomimicry to

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Silver Sees a Buyers Market for 2015

Silver prices across the globe are dropping, thanks in part to decreasing demand in China and other countries. Chinese...

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