Why You Should Use This New App That Forces iPhone Cameras to Act Like Disposable Cameras

White Album is a new app that forces a user’s iPhone camera to act like a disposable camera. It asks users to take 24 pictures in either a circle or square format. They don’t get to


Subaru Plants Make Record Progress But Company is Playing It Safe

Despite making stellar gains in sales and production, Subaru is playing it safe with its annual projections. According to, an online auto industry newspaper, Subaru hopes to


Electronic Health Records Not Being Used to Fullest Potential in Coordinating Patient Care, Study Suggests

More than 70% of physicians in the U.S. use electronic health records, which are touted as having positive impacts on both administrative efficiency and patient care alike. But a new study


New Angie’s List Survey Predicts Home Improvement Trends For 2015

According to a new survey from Angie’s List, home improvement contractors have high hopes for 2015. Last November, the local business review website surveyed over 1,000 highly rated


The Future of Dentistry is 3D

The future of dentistry is here, as Stratasys releases its new 3D printer. The new Objet Eden260VS, which was designed specifically for use in dental and orthodontic offices and labs, takes up


Researchers at Cambridge University and Boeing Test First Hybrid Airplane

Hybrid cars and battery technology have advanced and been on the market long enough for them to become mainstream, but it seems that hybrid technology may be shifting to power other types of


Brown Water Battle Causes Long Island Residents to Reach Boiling Point

Malverne residents have had enough of the brown water coming out of their pipes. Residents of the small Long Island community have meticulously documented — through photos and video —


Revenge Glitter Shipping Service Too Successful

Revenge has never looked so shiny or colorful. One Australian website,, offered do just that – send an envelope full of glitter to a person’s enemies. The


What One Goodwill Worker Found Hidden in a Clothing Donation Will Amaze You

For the employees at a Goodwill location in St. Charles, MO, it seemed like just another busy day of sorting through piles of end-of-the-year clothing donations — until one worker


Financial Limitations May Hinder Plans for Solar Panel Arrays in Space

Solar energy is one of the most promising renewable energy solutions on the market, but it’s not without its flaws. Solar panels are less efficient on cloudy days or when covered even


The Future of Girl Scout Cookies is Here

Girl Scout Cookie time is many people’s favorite time of year. Cute children setting up booths and handing out order forms for the annual fundraiser give customers a feeling of doing good


New Data Shows that Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate Market is Improving

In recent months, Southern Nevada’s residential real estate market has begun to show signs of improvement following the aftermath of the housing bubble. Now, experts say an improving

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Revenge Glitter Shipping Service Too Successful

Revenge has never looked so shiny or colorful. One Australian website,, offered do just that – send an envelope full...

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