World’s Largest Playable Guitar Now on Display

At more than 16 feet across, 43 feet long, and 2,255 pounds, Guinness World Records certified an enormous Gibson Flying-V guitar as being the world’s biggest playable guitar. Even better,


Pink Beer a Turnoff Even for Women Despite Brewers’ Marketing Efforts

Turning beer pink doesn’t make the alcoholic beverage any more appealing to women. While this may seem obvious to beer and non-beer drinkers alike, Molson Coors gave it a try anyway,


Meriden City Council Creates Incentives for Good Landlords

In order to prevent bad landlords from taking advantage of tenants, most cities require apartment buildings to undergo regular inspections. Some cities, like New York City, have even suggested


Shrinking Swimsuits and the Myth of a ‘Healthy Tan’ Contribute to Rise in Melanoma

There is no such thing as a “healthy tan,” and new studies prove that this myth has helped contribute to the rising number of new melanoma cases every year. Researchers found that


Three Scientists Awarded 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for Blue LED

This year’s Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to three scientists last week. According to CNN, two of the scientists are from Japan, and the third at the University of California Santa


Rahm Emanuel Lays Out Four Year Plan to Improve Preschool Enrollment

Earlier this week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans to use “social impact bonds”, as well as other government funding, to improve the city’s early childhood education


Lower Used Car Costs May Not Be Good in the Long Run, Industry Experts Explain

When reported back in February that used car prices would most likely fall significantly during 2014, potential buyers were warned not to get too excited about being able to buy a


Yeezy Taught Me — Literally: Kanye West Teaches a College Graphic Design Class

Friday, Sept. 19 started out as just another ordinary day for L.A. Trade Technical College’s digital communications students. That all changed when Kanye West made a¬†surprise appearance in


Report Claims Child Care in Michigan is Lagging Behind the Rest of the United States

Child care has been a common concern among American parents for decades. Originally emerging in the welfare and reform movements of the 19th century, nearly 11 million children under the age of


In September, U.S. Job Market Shows Continuing Upward Trend

Measurements used to gauge the U.S. job market continue to show an optimistic outlook for growth, with September’s reports continuing the steady upward trajectory that has been seen


FDA Aims to Reduce Cyber-Security Risks in Common Medical Devices

When you think about the dangers of hacking, the average person is likely to picture a scene out of a spy thriller, in which an edgy figure is able to empty bank accounts or launch nuclear


Two Suspects in Florida Roofing Scam Arrested in Connecticut

Police in Milford, Connecticut arrested two men on Wednesday, October 1 charged with running a roofing scam in Florida. Carlton Duncan, 45, of Tampa and Frank Pureber III, 36, of Apollo Beach

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