Eyefi Brings Cloud Solution to Photography

Eyefi Cloud has just been unveiled to the public by Eyefi, the international leader in digital camera connectivity. Eyefi Cloud is a private, cloud service dedicated to photos that will allow


Food Texture May Influence Your Perception of Healthiness, Study Finds

If you had to guess, which food has more calories in it: a plate of crisp, crunchy celery pieces or a batch of soggy french fries? Obviously, the fries are loaded with fat and deep-fried in oil,


Google Creates Algorithm That Can Solve CAPTCHAs Better Than the Average Human

Google has figured out how to solve its own CAPTCHAs. In a paper published earlier this week, Google researchers revealed that they have created an algorithm that can solve CAPTCHAs with a 99.8%

We're King and Queen Of The World

Responsible Boating Paramount for Staying Safe on the Water

Last year, a U.S. Coast Guard station on Lake Erie made more drunken boating arrests than any other agency in the nation. Officers at the Marblehead, Ohio station charged a staggering 67 people


West Lafayette City Hall May Relocate Thanks to Extensive Mold

Mold does not discriminate against any type of building when it chooses to grow. While it might be synonymous with dingy basements and even old bathrooms that aren’t properly cleaned, it can

japan glasses

Japanese Sunglass Shop Sells Actual Bowlfuls of Sunglasses

Rougan Megane Hakubutsukan is a little sunglass store in Japan that, quite actually, sells bowls of sunglasses for about 280 yen, which is about $2.80 USD. Believe it or not, these bowls are only


Shady Flash Robbers Steal $20,000 Worth of Sunglasses

An audacious flash mob of eight women stormed a Sunglass Hut in Santa Clarita, California and ran off with over $20,000 worth of sunglasses. Blocking store employees from being able to see


Volkswagen Expands Hybrid Plug-In Vehicles in China, But Will Other Markets Follow?

We may not have caught up to what folks in the recent past pictured the 21st century to be like, but we’re at least taking baby steps to get there. Just ask Volkswagen. The German automaker


Major Marcus Brauers Sues Canadian Military to Recover Staggering Financial Loss on Home

Major Marcus Brauer of the Canadian military is seeking a judicial review of the Treasury Board’s decision that he should only receive $15,000 for a whopping $88,000 loss that the 24-year

whole grains

‘Whole’ Grains Might Be a Bit Harder to Spot Than You Think, Experts Say

Wheat bread is better than white bread, so we’ve been told. Eat fewer refined grains and focus on getting back to the more fibrous stuff at the source, the experts keep reminding us. But a


Baby Giraffe From Oklahoma City Zoo Dies During Perilous Neck Surgery

The Oklahoma City Zoo is sadly now one resident smaller. That’s because Kyah, a six-month-old baby giraffe born with a blood vessel wrapped around her esophagus, died last week undergoing


Staples Announces 3-D Printing Services In At Least Two Retail Locations

Staples and 3-D Systems are combining forces to make 3-D printing services accessible to the general public. Staples announced 3-D printing services in the works in at least two of its retail

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Japanese Sunglass Shop Sells Actual Bowlfuls of Sunglasses

Rougan Megane Hakubutsukan is a little sunglass store in Japan that, quite actually, sells bowls of sunglasses for about...

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