NYC Marks First Anniversary of Pregnant Workers Protection Law as More States and Cities Follow

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the New York City Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which requires that employers make “reasonable accommodations” for pregnant workers. “The law


Urgent Care Association of America Came Together for Largest Ever Fall Conference

The urgent care industry has experienced exponential growth over the last few years, becoming the fastest growing segment in the American health care industry as the demand for affordable,


Russian Tennis Federation President Faces Ban and Fine After Sexist Comments, But It’s Not a First for the Sport

Even though tennis has a history of helping women break down gender barriers, dating back to Billie Jean King’s career, there is still a long way to go, if a recent controversial statement


Vaping Debate in New York City: Lawmaker Wants Ban on Flavored E-Cigs, Vapers Disagree

Costa Constantinides, a New York City Councilman from Queens, wants to ban flavored electronic cigarettes. The reason, he says, is that the flavors appeal to children, and they could push them

neuse river

Dead Fish on Banks of the Neuse River Cause Alarm

Pollution has long been known to have a harmful effect on marine life, including the fish we eat. Mercury, PCBs and other toxins have been found in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and halibut for


Burglar Tries to Re-Burglarize Hotel Wearing Shoes Stolen in First Heist

A day after burglarizing a Super 8 Motel in New Orleans, 56-year-old Kevin Jones failed as he attempted to break into the same hotel again, while wearing shoes stolen in his previous heist.


Man in Dubai Files for Divorce After Wife Claims to Be Possessed

An estimated 50% of marriages in the United States end in separation, with an estimated 46,523 divorces filed each week. While these relationships may fail for a variety of reasons, a divorce


One Man’s Viral Video DUI Confession Is Changing Public Opinion of Drunk Drivers

Anyone who regularly uses the internet or watches the news is probably already aware of how powerful “viral” videos and photos can be, mostly because anyone with internet access can

ferguson-protest (1)

Federal Judge Orders Ferguson Police to Stop Forcing Protesters to Walk During Demonstrations

The city of Ferguson, MO, hasn’t left the news since August, after unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson in broad daylight. Ferguson police have tried to quell


Study Finds Expensive Engagement Rings Linked to Higher Divorce Rates

A diamond is forever, and marriage is supposed to be, as well. However, a new study conducted by economics professors at Emory University in Atlanta, GA suggests that the bigger — and


Parents of Fallen Marine Donate Nearly 330,000 Pairs of Socks to Deployed Marines

Chances are, when Marines put on their boots, there’s a pair of socks donated from Jim and Carla Hogan inside. Over the course of nearly three years, the couple has donated over a quarter


Kickstarter’s Ambi Climate Raises the Bar for Smart AC Apps

A recent crowdfunding campaign is promising a solution to anyone who thinks they spend too much on air conditioning, and it’s as simple as installing a device on your existing air

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