And The Germiest Part of Your Hotel Room Is…

If you’re going on vacation soon and planning on stopping at a hotel, you may want to think about bringing an extra bottle of hand sanitizer. According to a recent Huffington Post article,


Technology brings Business Cards into the Modern Age

With digital networking on the rise, it may seem like traditional business cards won’t be around for much longer. But don’t count out those little paper squares just yet. A business


Longboat Residents Ask for Ordinance So That Beach Chairs Won’t Pose Risk to Turtles

Beach chairs are fun to sit in on a hot day, but what happens after beach-goers leave? According to LBK News, sea turtles in Longboat are often struggling and getting caught in leftover beach


Difficulties with Medicinal Measurements Suggests a Change in How We Administer Doses

According to the American Center of Poison Control Centers, almost 7,500 parents contact poison centers every year with concerns that they had given their children too much medication or


New Clinical Trial Aims to Reduce Hair Loss from Chemotherapy

Hair loss can have a devastating impact on body image, sexuality and self esteem, especially because of its frequent association with cancer treatment. 47% of women patients consider hair loss


Boston Has Evolved Into a Platform For Big Pharmaceutical Companies

The city that once was the hub of the biotechnology industry has incidentally become the hub of big pharma. Historically, Boston’s been home to some of the best research universities

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First-Time Homeowners Essential to Stabilizing the American Economy

The housing market is continuing to pick up speed after economic fiasco in the early 2000s. But as a recent Fiscal Times article notes, many new homeowners are overlooking small — but


New App Can Take Your Measurements More Accurately Than a Tailor

One of the biggest problems with online shopping is that you can’t try on the clothes before you buy them, so sometimes you have to gamble on whether or not that shirt or those jeans are


Crumbs Bakery May Be Revived, But Closing 65 Stores Still Has Disastrous Effects for Americans

The bankruptcy filings of Crumbs Bakery at the beginning of July 2014 have Americans wondering whether the economy really is on the mend. Within the past couple of years, it seemed as though


Burglars Steal Family’s Puppy

If there were a way to instantly vilify yourself, it’d be to act meanly to a person’s dog, or — as one burglar in Millbury, Massachusetts has done – steal a

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How Processed Food is Harming You and Your Children

If you eat a lot of processed foods, you may not be the only one you’re harming. Processed foods are often stripped of natural vitamins and nutrients and injected with chemicals and


New York’s High Court to Rule on Whether Cyber Bullying Laws Violate Free Speech

Come this Thursday, New York’s high court will be taking on one of the first legal challenges to new laws that criminalize cyber bullying. The 2010 Albany County law, like many similar

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