Boston DUI Lawyer Faces DUI Charges Himself After Girl Loses Arm

Benjamin UrbelisBenjamin Urbelis, 33, of Boston, is not having a good time: the accomplished young drunk driving lawyer plead not guilty this month to drunk boating after a 19-year-old girl lost her arm in an accident aboard his boat, called the “Naut Guilty.”

Urbelis appeared in court in a tshirt and swimsuit, and a prosecutor claimed the DUI lawyer was both “drunk and belligerent” following the accident. Urbelis blew a BAC of 0.09 four hours after the teen girl lost her arm. In addition to being an accomplished DUI lawyer, Urbelis is also co-owner of a Boston bar and the founder of a “nightlife consulting” business. Officials say nine women, aged 19 to 22, were on the boat that day.

In a complaint, the Boston lawyer claims the 29 foot Naut Guilty was “tight, strong, fully manned…and in all respects seaworthy,” although investigators say they found “large quantities of alcohol” aboard the vessel. Now, Urbelis is trying to avoid being held liable for personal injury lawsuits.

According to witnesses, the teen girl jumped in the water to retrieve an item that fell off the boat, and her arm was severed by the Naut Guilty’s propeller. When Urbelis plead not guilty, he tried to avoid being photographed in the courtroom, but the judge insisted he step forward.

As a DUI lawyer himself, Urbelis has access to the best DUI lawyers in Massachusetts. As a result of their work, Suffolk County prosecutors did drop one charge against the lawyer on Friday, June 26, when witnesses said another man was actually at the boat’s helm when the accident occurred. However, authorities still believe Urbelis negligently operated the boat while drunk that day.

Drunk driving rates have been declining for years, and the majority of fatal drunk driving crashes involve motorists well over the legal limit of 0.08. Unfortunately, drunk boating is still a major problem, and alcohol is the most common contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. Officials around the country have been stepping up enforcement against drunken boating this summer.

Urbelis’ lawyers want all the charges against him dropped. He is due back in court at the end of July.

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