The Walt Disney Company is being sued for copyright infringement over a teaser trailer it did for the movie Frozen. Although Disney filed a dismissal, a judge is allowing the case to proceed. The suit was filed in March, when Kelly Wilson, the plaintiff, alleged that her 2D computer-animated short film...

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Bigfoot Spotted In Pennsylvania

Is the garden state home to Sasquatch? This past week, Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” team came to Fredon, New Jersey in order to investigate claims that the elusive creature was living there, hiding among the rural, mountainous terrain of Sussex County. The team, comprised of three experienced Bigfoot researchers...

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Greig Stewart, a software engineer from Glasgow, has built a keytar using an old, 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System console and a Guitar Hero controller. The product, which Stewart calls the NES Keytar, took 300 hours of labor and can not only play music using the NES’s circuitry, but can also still...

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