A Florida man driving an SUV hit a Toyota, sending the Toyota crashing into a daycare center and killing a little girl and injuring 15 others, “some of them grievously,” The New York Times reported Wednesday. Suspect Robert Corchado, 28, fled the scene and abandoned the offending vehicle, a Dodge Durango, in front...

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daylight savings car crash

Car accidents spiked Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning, thanks to Daylight Savings Time. According to CBS, pushing the clocks forward throws off internal body clocks, deprives Americans of much-needed sleep, and increases the likelihood of fatal auto accidents. “It turns out Monday after daylight saving time is one of the deadliest...

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Tesla Factory

Telsa the famous vehicle battery manufacturer has released all the details pertaining to establishment of “Gigafactory” on Wednesday.  Though, the announcement was packed with all the technical details yet it was not made public that where Telsa was going to build its factory. The official announcement of the company disclosed everything related...

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