Johnson Development in Houston is preparing for another master-planned community — this one with a focus on commercial and green spaces. The Harvest Green development will be located southwest of Houston in Fort Bend County, and will reportedly consist of 1,300 acres used for around 2,000 homes. Subdivisions will...

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Comcast seems to have provided the customer service industry with yet another example of what not to do. After a number of embarrassing recordings emerged demonstrating how the cable company’s customer service representatives treated customers on the phone (one particularly damning recorded call, posted on SoundCloud, has been listened...

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Revenge has never looked so shiny or colorful. One Australian website,, offered do just that — send an envelope full of glitter to a person’s enemies. The idea garnered so much attention that the website actually crashed. For $9.99 AUD (about $8.00 USD), the service promised to send an envelope...

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The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) have developed a program of voluntary product stewardship in an attempt to decrease the amount of carpeting that is sent to landfills. The goals of the program, as listed by CARE, are to maintain a sustainable...

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