Hospitals across the country have been reporting extreme financial troubles for the past few years, but one hospital in Mississippi has experienced enough financial trauma to warrant bankruptcy and a necessary change in ownership. Judge Neil Olack, who presided over Natchez Regional Medical Center’s bankruptcy filing, and who made...

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Apple announced two major product releases last Tuesday: a much-anticipated smartwatch and larger-screened iPhones. The iPhone 6 features a 4.7-inch screen—larger than the 4-inch screen found on the iPhone 5s and just smaller than the 5.1-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5, one of the iPhone’s biggest competitors. Apple users who...

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Social media giant Twitter is excited to launch a training program for advertising agencies in order to ensure they, as well as their clients’ dollars, will stick around. The aptly named online program, Flight School, focuses on familiarizing agencies with the social media platform, as well as helping them...

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