No one wants to think of Google as a business that does sketchy things to other businesses through its search engine optimization algorithms, but according to a recent statement from Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, it seems that Google has been decreasing the traffic to Wikipedia pages for...

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Irish citizens are rejoicing after news has been confirmed of a 3,335 mile-long fiber-optic cable that will give the country its first direct fiber connection to the U.S. According to Irish Central, the $300 million investment will allow Ireland to have the same components of data infrastructure and cloud...

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Smartphones can pretty much do anything for you these days: they’re mini arcades, video cameras, digital to-do lists, music players — many people even liken smartphone shopping apps to virtual retail malls, and it’s estimated that at least 50% of consumers today consider their smartphones to be their main...

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Global e-commerce sales made on mobile devices will reach an unprecedented $683 billion by 2018, a new joint analysis from Assocham and Deloitte has revealed. According to a July 6 NDTV article, researchers attributed this impending growth to the widening availability of e-commerce applications on mobile devices. Additionally, e-retailers,...

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Younger people have a different way of doing things than previous generations, and it’s absolutely important that marketers understand these differences in order to effectively communicate with them. In this Internet-saturated modern world, the most vital of these differences is how a particular generation consumes content and uses the...

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