When it comes time to redesign or create a website for their business, most people analyze web designers’ portfolios, review their past work and discuss different possibilities for their upcoming project. However, given the tech-savvy world we live in, people should remember to ask potential web designers about security...

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After about 10 years of lagging sales followed by a sudden ultra-successful marketing campaign during the summer of 2014, Coca-Cola used one of the biggest advertising platforms available — the recent 2015 Super Bowl game — to begin another campaign that takes an interestingly modern approach to its family-friendly brand....

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This week, TV watchers everywhere flashed back to reading George Orwell’s 1984 in high school when The Daily Beast spotted some alarming fine print in the Samsung TV privacy agreement. Samsung’s Internet-compatible SmartTV boasts some impressive voice-recognition technology that allows users to control its functions with simple voice commands....

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Mass warnings sent out by Google at the end of January to webmasters of sites that aren’t mobile friendly have search engine optimization experts predicting that mobile user experience will soon become a ranking signal. “This week, Google has provided what may be its strongest signal yet that it...

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The division of labor between humans and robots in most manufacturing centers around the world is fairly strict: robotic equipment is often kept separated from manual workers for safety reasons. But all of that could change soon, according to researchers, as more companies look for ways to integrate robot...

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