Anonymity and instant sharing are two of the most important features in smartphone and tablet apps these days, but they’re also the very features that put their target audience groups — teenagers and college kids — at risk for mental health problems, social anxiety, and peer-on-peer bullying. Apps like...

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The recent hack of Sony Pictures’s computer networks and systems has unearthed a veritable treasure-trove of private email communications between Hollywood executives, and continues to be the gift that keeps on giving in terms of its entertainment factor. However, Jonah Hill describing the possibility of a “21 Jump Street”...

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The internet can be a tricky place when it comes to protecting one’s intellectual property, but hoaxes can spread just as fast as stolen photos. The latest in a round of fake “copyright” claims went around Facebook in early December, claiming that Facebook would steal the rights to users’...

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A new error has left Windows XP and Server 2003 users unable to use the Windows Update functionality that keeps their operating systems up to date. The Windows Update system, as the name implies, automatically installs hardware, software, and security updates for Windows users — that is, apparently, unless...

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Mobile payments may be catching on all over the world, but Canadians are still reluctant to use this capability on their smartphones, according to a new study. Global research company GfK, which surveyed customers online in 17 different countries, found that Canadians were least likely to make a purchase...

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