Google AdWords has launched a tool to track calls made from a business’s website, after the caller has found that website based on clicking on a Google AdWords ad. Google calls this new conversion tool, “a powerful way to identify and measure calls from a website that occur after an add...

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Next year, Hilton Worldwide will begin retrofitting some of their U.S. hotels with new, Internet of Things door locks, which will allow guests to lock and unlock their rooms with their smartphones. However, critics claim that such locks actually make things less secure. “Travelers can use their smartphones as boarding passes...

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This week, Greggs — the largest bakery in the UK — fell into trouble with the Google algorithm. Instead of the company’s normal logo, an alternative one popped up for anyone who was googling. The company’s normal logo reads, “Always fresh. Always tasty.” The alternative that some eagle-eyed Google...

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Today’s teens aren’t interested in the Harlem Shake or planking anymore — they’d rather set themselves on fire instead. According to an August 6 Design & Trend article, the latest viral trend on social media is more deadly than anything that’s come before — because in “The Fire Challenge,” teens will pour...

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A recent study published in the medical journal Acta Deramto-Venereologica recently found that doctors who used smartphones with attached dermoscopes were able to treat their patients faster and more efficiently than with traditional paper referrals. The study was conducted by Alexander Borve, the CEO of iDoc24, a teledermatology company...

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