Greig Stewart, a software engineer from Glasgow, has built a keytar using an old, 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System console and a Guitar Hero controller. The product, which Stewart calls the NES Keytar, took 300 hours of labor and can not only play music using the NES’s circuitry, but can also still...

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Intel showed off two amazing new projects this past month at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California to show the world that it has no intention falling behind the latest technological trends. CEO Brian Krzanich wore a “smart” shirt on stage while accompanying Jimmy, a two-foot tall...

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This week, various tech websites reported that Google has plans to potentially acquire Dropcam, a popular Wifi camera producer new to the home security market. Google has become much more than a search engine, and has made clear its intention to enter the “smart home” market with its former purchase of...

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French electronics company Orée is moving the electronics world toward a more sustainable, eco-friendly future. Sick of phones and accessories that look and act the same, while using synthetic, unsustainable materials, the company has created the Orée Pebble 2, a wooden wireless charger for smartphone devices, equipped with a bluetooth speaker...

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There’s a hidden cash frenzy going on, and it’s happening in San Francisco thanks to Twitter posts from a mysterious benefactor. The Twitter account @HiddenCash leaves clues several times a week as to where followers can find envelopes filled with cash throughout the city. The mysterious donor was all around the...

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