If there were a way to instantly vilify yourself, it’d be to act meanly to a person’s dog, or — as one burglar in Millbury, Massachusetts has done — steal a family’s adorable, five-pound puppy dog. “I just want to get Katie back home,” said 10-year-old Blake Samuelson to CBS....

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In Ecuador, roofs are typically built with grasses, which fiercely leak, collapse when water-logged, and attract insects. The only other alternative is usually tin, which — in a country where the average temperature is 86 degrees — can make interior’s swelteringly hot. That is, until Engineers Without Borders teamed...

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Energy-efficient LED light bulbs are coming down in price. LED bulbs are approximately four times less expensive than when they were first introduced in 2010. Although the energy-saving bulbs originally cost $40, today consumers can purchase them for only $12! “Consumers,” The Star Tribute writes, “can choose from a light spectrum that...

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This week, various tech websites reported that Google has plans to potentially acquire Dropcam, a popular Wifi camera producer new to the home security market. Google has become much more than a search engine, and has made clear its intention to enter the “smart home” market with its former purchase of...

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