Tax season may have ended a few months ago, but that’s not stopping con artists. The Internal Revenue Service has warned taxpayers and tax preparation firms against new scams as losses surpass the $20 million mark. “We continue to see these aggressive tax scams across the country,” said IRS...

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Could 2016 be the year that Social Security’s disability funding runs out? According to recent reports from the New York Times and Chicago Tribune, government officials have stated that 11 million Americans could be left to fend for themselves by 2016 if the Social Security’s disability fund isn’t replenished....

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California lawmakers recently passed legislation that protects seniors who choose to invest in annuities against insurer malpractice. According to a July 17 Central Valley Business Times article, the law acts as a safeguard for seniors and their beneficiaries from potential financial losses that stem from insurers’ surrender penalties, which...

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It’s often difficult for the “average” American consumer to understand how celebrities, like movie stars and professional athletes, can go from making millions of dollars per year to filing for bankruptcy, and perhaps a little bit of schadenfreude is what supports the media frenzy every time another celebrity files...

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