This week brought bad tidings for LPL Financial, the largest organization of financial planners in the U.S. According to Investment News, state securities regulators in Massachusetts have reported that LPL Financial has agreed to reimburse $541,000 to senior citizens. The reimbursement is a result of what Investment News is calling “an oversight” of...

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A growing need for financial planners and advisers has prompted many American colleges and universities to create their own financial planning degree programs. According to a May 20 CNBC article, there have been a number of studies showing that the financial planning sector could be soon suffering a shortage of qualified financial...

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Women are just as likely to save for retirement as men, but the amount of money they save falls far short when compared to that of the opposite sex, a new study reveals. A report released Wednesday by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that on average, men saved a total...

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