The Environmental Protection Agency is awarding about $860,000 to 14 different communities in an effort to reduce water pollution. These communities will use the funds to expand their green infrastructures, which will hopefully improve water quality while also increasing the communities’ resilience to the issues that created the global climate change...

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Bernie Tiede who was convicted for killing his longtime companion Marjorie Nugent has been released from the prison on bond. It is said that Special Judge Diane DeVasto has agreed to free Tiede from the imprisonment to live in Austin with filmmaker Richard Linklater. Basically, Linklater is the directed...

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Volunteers placed 1,892 small American flags — each one representing a veteran or service member who committed suicide since January 1 — nearby the Washington Monument and the Capitol on Thursday. Suicide is alarmingly common among veterans; active military, fellow vets, and civilians alike gathered to show their determination...

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Supreme Smiles

Everyone wants whiter teeth. But the U.S. Supreme Court may soon be ruling on exactly who is allowed to help you get those pearly whites even pearlier. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accused the North Carolina Dental Regulatory Board of unfair business practices when the board attempted to shut down...

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daylight savings car crash

Car accidents spiked Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning, thanks to Daylight Savings Time. According to CBS, pushing the clocks forward throws off internal body clocks, deprives Americans of much-needed sleep, and increases the likelihood of fatal auto accidents. “It turns out Monday after daylight saving time is one of the deadliest...

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Boston Veterans Court

A Boston court made history yesterday. The veterans’ treatment court is one of the first Boston courts of its kind; proceedings will “help treat military veterans arrested for crimes linked to trauma caused by their service,” The Boston Globe reports. The new court is only the second veterans’ court in Massachusetts and the...

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