Industry Insiders Predicting Alternative Landscaping as Big Trend for 2014

landscapingAccording to the Pueblo Chieftain, “alternative” landscaping has been especially popular this year in arid regions. Also known as rock, dry, or xeriscaping, at its core alternative landscaping is about finding alternate ways to structure a landscape without using up costly water resources.

It’s likely that the economic recession, along with recent droughts across the country, have had a big impact in causing people to reconsider their landscaping options. Overall, about 30% of the 320 gallons of water the average American household uses each day is spent on outdoor landscaping. In dryer climates, this figure can soar to as high as 60%.

Adding to this is the growth of the landscaping and gardening industry sector, which for the first year, at $60 billion, has surpassed even pets ($53 billion) for the amount Americans are willing to spend. Sarah Fishburne, director of trends and design for The Home Depot, explains it by saying, “People are a little stir crazy” after the long winter.

Adding to that is a rebounding economy, which has lined formerly lean pockets with a little extra spending cash. Consumers are also increasingly likely to search for green solutions; the latest figures from Nielsen suggest that about 66% of consumers actively prefer green products and services. Concentrating on landscaping solutions which require little water puts less stress on local water tables.

“With the four seasons here in the D.C. area, we do see some people doing this, but not many,” explains Don Saunders, President of Saunders Landscape Supply. “Anyone that is trying to help the environment would benefit from this approach.”

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