New Viral Video Shows What NOT To Do With a Forklift

dangerous-forkliftIt’s unlikely that OSHA would approve of one of the latest viral videos to make its way across the internet. The video, posted onJuly 2 to Facebook, has gotten hundreds of re-shares across multiple social media sites, and stars a pair of forklifts.

Normally, forklifts are used to lift heavy containers, depositing them or removing them from shelves or trucks. One of these forklifts was lifting a box intended for a truck. The first forklift is able to push the box in, but doesn’t have enough room to push the box further into the truck. For this reason, a second, larger forklift was used to hold up the first — a forklift forklifting a forklift, for anyone in need of a daily tongue twister.

After the first forklift was able to successfully push the cargo into the truck, the larger forklift helped it back down to the ground. It is unclear where, exactly, the forklift is located, or what company it was working on behalf of. One vehicle has Chinese characters on the side, so it’s possible the video did not originate in the U.S.

While it may have made for a fun video, the move posed a safety risk to both drivers as well as nearby onlookers. Had the first forklift been accidentally dropped, it could have resulted in serious injury or even death — not to mention the hundreds of dollars of damage that would likely occur to the forklift. Instead, a ramp should have been used so that a forklift could safely approach the truck and push in the box. It is possible that the weight of the second truck exceeded the load limit of the first truck, which risked damage to that forklift and the driver of the second truck as well.

“Although this seems like a quick solution, it is incredibly unsafe,” says Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Manager at Solus Group. “There are several safer and ergonomically sound solutions such as a custom lift table with conveyor system.”

According to OSHA’s website, there are several potential hazards associated with forklift use, including “tipover caused by driving too fast,” and they say that forklifts should “never carry passengers.”

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