Did Rumer Willis Use Juvederm to Create a Perfect Pout?

rumerwillisDemi Moore is in the spotlight again, and it isn’t because of her younger ex-husband’s antics.

As Adele so aptly sang, “rumor has it” that Rumer Willis, the 26-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, underwent plastic surgery, much to her mother’s disappointment and even sadness. According to a source close to the Willis-Moore family, Moore feels that all of her daughters are naturally beautiful and is concerned they may be trying to chase an unrealistic and unhealthy Hollywood beauty aesthetic.

The rumors first began circulating following a series of selfies Rumer posted on Instagram, using the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis. Like her father Bruce Willis, Rumer is known for having a prominent chin, which compliments her facial features. However, the selfies depicted a different face than what we are used to seeing, showing a smaller, more delicate chin in addition to full, pouty lips, leading many to believe she underwent plastic surgery in addition to using the injectable filler Juvederm to achieve her perfect pout.

“Juvederm fillers are used to support lines of facial expression, like smile and marionette lines, and replace volume loss that is predictable with aging,” says Dr. Janis P. Campbell, Dermatologist at Laser Rejuvenation Clinic & Spa of Calgary. “Volume loss in temporal hollows, cheeks, or lips are the main indications for use. The injections actually provide a natural soft fresh look and enhance the body’s own collagen support.”

Moore, who has often been unjustly criticized for chasing the elusive “fountain of youth” (especially during and following her split from the much younger Ashton Kutcher), is being called a hypocrite for chastising her adult daughter for undergoing plastic surgery when Moore herself is said to have had a number of procedures done. Neither Moore’s nor her daughter’s alleged cosmetic procedures have not been confirmed.

However, Moore, known for her long jet-black locks, has recently been seen sporting grey roots, and seems quite comfortable and at ease in her 51-year-old skin.

Regardless of whether Rumer underwent cosmetic surgery or used Juvederm to achieve the perfect pout, Rumer’s new look only adds fuel to fire over Hollywood’s beauty ideals, and how it impacts the body image of both young and older women. Moore isn’t the only Mom who is concerned in regards to their daughter’s sense of self. Several non-celebrity mothers are rallying together to promote self-acceptance and healthy body ideals.

Proponets of Juvederm, and cosmetic surgery in general, say the treatment has received a bad rap over the years. Though there are several examples of celebrity plastic surgery that has gone wrong, or has been been overdone, cosmetic surgery and injectable fillers — when used in moderation — can be used to achieve a natural, youthful appearance and boost self-esteem.

The idea behind plastic surgery is to create a natural look, a look that is noticeable, but still leaves others to wonder whether you’ve had “work done.”

Though we may never know whether Rumer, or her mother, have had work done, the debate over cosmetic surgery, injectable fillers, and Hollywood’s beauty ideals will continue to rage on.

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