“He Shed, She Shed” Coming To Your TV In 2015

sheshedMedia outlets around the country are reporting on a new DIY design trend popping up in backyards from coast to coast — so-called “she sheds.”

Of course, “man caves” are firmly cemented in the popular imagination, but this summer many U.S. women are building custom sheds for more than just rusty gardening tools. The small backyard structures are serving as mini-retreats.

“It’s being away, without being away, which I love,” said Houston homeowner Tamara Harbert. “I can sit and read in my house, but I’m also looking around thinking to wash the windows. I need to do the laundry. Look at that dust over there. I’m in here, I’m not thinking that.”

Wisconsin writer Barbara Techel says her “she shed” is her favorite place to write, practice yoga, or just be alone. And in Massachusetts, designer Debbe Daley has seen an increase in orders for custom sheds this year; she even designed one for herself.

The trend is even coming to televisions nationwide. According to Variety, in early June cable channel FYI ordered a new reality show called “He Shed, She Shed,” which will document the “growing trend and ‘small space craze’ of transforming backyard sheds into real outdoor living spaces.”

“She sheds” usually contain indoor or outdoor furniture in combination with interior design elements. Compare that to a typical garden shed, which is usually just decorated with spiders and their webs.

FYI Senior Vice President Gena McCarthy says her network sees the custom sheds as an evolution of the “tiny home” trend popular in 2014.

“What used to be just a humble garden outbuilding is now fast becoming a way for owners to express creativity and to fulfill a practical space missing from their traditional home space,” McCarthy said.

The network has ordered six one-hour episodes, which will pit two homeowners against each other while also highlighting eccentric builders of custom sheds around the country.

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