Two Pennsylvania Flower Shops Offer Affordable And Unique Wedding Flowers

fabric-bouquetAnyone who has ever had a hand in planning a wedding knows that the process involves countless decisions on everything from color scheme to music. However, one of the most difficult and important decisions usually focuses on affordable wedding flowers. After all, these festive blooms are used in everything from the bride’s bouquet to the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, not to mention the table decorations.

Now, two flower shops in Wilkes-Barre, PA have helped introduce a trend that is making this detail more cost-effective and unique: their creations, made out of fabric or paper, serve as the perfect complement or replacement to traditional flowers.

The first business, called Regular Frills, specializes in creating flowers from fabric and paper. The idea took off when the company’s designer and owner, Bridget Giunta Husted, decided to teach herself how to make her own decorations for her wedding in 2010. After realizing how much she had enjoyed making the flowers, she and her husband, Steve, created an entire wedding planning company, called Knot Just Any Day. Regular Frills operates under its direction, but has gained plenty of attention on its own.

Currently, Husted’s company has made flowers from dyed and painted coffee filters, various fabrics, and even comic book pages. Her products include centerpieces and arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, table numbers and escort cards, and even archways, backdrops and aisle decor. A boutonniere costs around $12 and a bouquet can cost up to $100, but unlike traditional flowers, both will last for years. This feature has drawn plenty of attention to Husted’s products on and offline: she opened an Etsy shop in 2013, and now frequently notices her creations pinned on Pinterest.

Meanwhile, the second shop combines the practicality of Regular Frills with the traditional benefits of real flowers: called A and M Floral Express, the company has been owned by a husband and wife duo, Mark and Anna Wadas, for more than 17 years. The couple specializes in mixing real and faux blooms, allowing them to remain a competitive option for every type of wedding budget.

This fact has become extremely popular in recent years, as couples have begun moving away from extravagant affairs and towards simpler, country-chic weddings. As a result, the flower shop has seen a surge in hydrangeas and romantic, simple colors like blush and peach. However, while the couple’s budget seems to be a major concern, A and M Floral Express says that they no longer sell many loose flowers, which would allow people to make their own bouquets and arrangements: they say modern brides and grooms simply don’t want the stress.

But while both Regular Frills and A and M Floral Express appear to be moving away from real flowers, others in the industry say that this option is still an affordable and attractive choice.

“Offering fabric and paper wedding flowers is an inventive way to capture a small segment of the wedding market that may not have bought flowers if the cost was out of their budget. These florists saw opportunity where others see a problem,” says says Donna Meros, Essex Florists. “Everyone isn’t shopping for cheapest, especially brides — they are looking to create a once in a lifetime memory. Real or crafted flowers and table decorations are not the biggest issues florists need to be concerned with. Setting themselves apart from the competition and getting in front of their audience at the right time should be top of mind for these shop owners.”

All flower shops seem to be facing a challenge as the industry shifts towards online sales. As this change occurs, Regular Frills seems to be faring better than A and M Floral Express: while sites like Pinterest have reportedly boosted Husted’s sales, Mark and Anne Wadas says it makes their work more difficult. With so many pictures of beautiful flowers pictured online, the couple says many customers come in with grandiose plans and no idea of how much those flowers will cost. In a world where price is increasingly important, it seems that finding affordable wedding flowers is complicated more by our expectations than our options.

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